Borgo Croce, Fiumara, Italy

Borgo Croce, Fiumara, Italy

In the heart of the province of Reggio Calabria, nestled at the foot of the Aspromonte, lies the picturesque Borgo Croce. Here, time seems to have stood still, and the narrow cobblestone streets bear witness to a simple and authentic life.

Walking through the streets of Borgo Croce, one immediately feels the familiar and welcoming atmosphere that envelops the village. The colorful facades of the houses, adorned with flowers and lush plants, illuminate the landscape and add a touch of vibrancy to the tranquil everyday life.

But it is above all the presence of children that brings the streets of Borgo Croce to life. Even today, in this corner of Calabrian paradise, children play freely in the streets, laughing and joking as if the whole world were their personal playground.

The narrow alleys become settings for endless adventures: impromptu soccer matches, races through the squares, and bike rides among the colorful houses. The children of Borgo Croce are masters at inventing games and finding fun even in the little things.

And as they play, they learn the value of friendship and sharing, growing up surrounded by the beauty of nature and the simplicity of provincial life. Borgo Croce is a place where children can still be children, where the innocence and joy of living shine every day, like a warm sun that warms the streets of this charming Calabrian village.

Fotografia Irina Cucoveica

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