The silence of cities

The silence of cities

The silence of cities is a unique and surprising experience, an unexpected harmony that permeates the bustling streets and towering buildings. Amidst the noise of traffic and the chatter of people, silence is felt like a subtle veil of tranquility enveloping the urban environment.

In the early hours of the morning or on warm summer evenings, cities transform into oases of quietness, where the frenetic pace of daily life seems to slow down, making room for a restorative calm. The semi-deserted streets and silent sidewalks offer a unique opportunity to rediscover the hidden beauty of the city and to enjoy its atmosphere without the disturbance of background noise.

But the silence of cities is not just an absence of sounds; it is also a feeling of inner peace that manifests in the hearts of the people who inhabit them. It is a moment of reflection and contemplation, an opportunity to unplug and reconnect with oneself and the world around us.

The silence of cities can also be found in unusual and unexpected places, such as hidden courtyards, quiet parks, or ancient churches. In these places, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, one can find an atmosphere of peace and serenity that contrasts with the chaos of the surrounding metropolis.

Fotografia Marco Medici 

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